Passport Transactions

Passport Application

Below are the points to pay attention to for passport applications.

1-      An appointment must be made at

In the applications you have made through the Internet Branch, you must be present at
the Directorate of Population and Citizenship Directorate General Directorate of Passport
Directorate together with the necessary documents for your transactions on the first working
day following the application date.
Otherwise, your transaction will be canceled, you will need to apply again.

2-     Collect the required documents,

3-     Application must be made,

Note: You must come to the Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs in person
and hand over the documents.

Required Documents

1 - Original identity card (Identity no. T.C. - for photographers older than 15)

2 - Son 6 ay içinde çekilmiş 2 adet biyometrik fotoğraf (5cm X 6cm, fonu beyaz)

3 - Parents' consent for minors

4 - If the prisoners are over 18 years old, the guardian himself or his consent,

5 - Old passport (except for first passport)

6 - Passport wallet, mortar and postage receipt receipt (collected in representative offices).

7 - The document showing the status of the students traveling abroad for education purposes (for the application of mortgage-free
passport under the 85 / b of the Fees Act),

8 - The student who is registered in their country (pre-school, corresponding to the definition of apprenticeship-apprenticeship, schools,
primary school, secondary school, high school, higher education)

9 - Form petitions (Prepared in representative offices).

Note: You can download the application form from the following files.

Note: For the signature part of the petition;

* Those who have reached the age of 12 are required to sign. (Those who are older than 13 years old and older).

* Children under the age of 12 are not obliged to sign.

* The signature of the prisoners is not required.

* Persons with disabilities (physical disabilities) are required to sign if they have reached the age of 12 years.

* In case of not signing a signature, the option “cannot sign * is specified.